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Sun Pharma extended the line of Mialays®
9 ноября 2023
Sun Pharma extended the line of Mialays®
Mialays® Gel is released in a larger package of 50 g with advanced packaging design
   Mialays® is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug for topical use containing 1% nimesulide.
The product is available in the form of a gel for rapid absorption of the drug. For better penetration of the nimesulide active substance into the tissues, the drug potency is enhanced with dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)
The main indications of Mialays® gel include local symptomatic treatment of rheumatic and non-rheumatic muscle ache, inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the locomotion system: radiculitis, inflammatory damage to ligaments, tendons, bursitis, sciatica, lumbago
   Currently, consumers prefer the nimesulide containing gel in a volume of 50 g. One of the main reasons why a buyer prefers a larger volume over a 20 g package is the more favorable price of the 50 g package in terms of the cost per 1 g of the gel. It was therefore decided to launch the production of Mialays® gel in the 50 g packaging.
   The company notes, that two criteria for this category of products are important to the consumer. They are the pain relief rate and the restoration of active movements in the muscles or damaged joint, that is the drug effectiveness. A new packaging design has been developed based on the consumer preferences with a focus on the quick action of the Mialays® gel imaged in the form of a timer. In addition, a bright and dynamic image better remains in the memory of a buyer. The current color set of green is remained in the updated version of the packaging, and the additional yellow symbolizes the energy that appears in a person’s life when pain goes away.
The Mialays® gel of 20 g and 50 g is manufactured by Biosintez PJSC (Penza).