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Biosintez launched production of ointment for wound infections
20 июня 2022
Biosintez launched production of ointment for wound infections
Biosintez (Sun Pharma manufacturing site) has launched production of the Dioxymet® BSZ medicinal product (INN:  hydroxymethylquinoxaline dioxide) in the form of a topical ointment with a dosage of 5%.
The Dioxymet® BSZ antimicrobial drug contains the active substance hydroxymethylquinoxaline dioxide used for patients with wound infection caused by multi-drug resistant flora, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and pathogens of non-clostridial anaerobic infection.
This is a broad spectrum substance. However, it is mostly active against anaerobic bacteria (Clostridiumspp., Bacteroidesspp., P. melaninogenicus, Peptococcusspp., Peptostreptococcusspp., as well as aerobic gram-negative bacteria — Ps. aeruginosa, E. coli, Proteusspp., Klebsiellaspp., Serratiaspp.).1

The ointment when applied on burn and purulent-necrotic wounds promotes faster cleansing, stimulates regeneration and edge epithelization and has a positive effect on the wound healing process.2
The agent is indicated for local treatment of wounds with deep purulent cavities (soft tissue abscess, pelvic cellulitis, postoperative wounds of the urinary and biliary tract, purulent mastitis), wound and burn infections (flesh wound and deep purulent wounds at various site, persistent non-healing wounds and trophic ulcers, soft tissue phlegmon, infected burns, purulent wounds associated with osteomyelitis), as well as various forms of purulent bacterial infection caused by sensitive microflora, in case of failure or intolerance of other antimicrobial drug.2
Hydroxymethylquinoxaline dioxide is highly compatible with other antimicrobials.

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2. Instruction leaflet for human use of medicinal product DIOXYMET BSZ topical ointment No. 002534/01-03022.
Information for healthcare professionals